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Electric Lever Harps

We carry two different types of lever harps:

      A.   Electro-acoustic lever harps: The R Harp “Merlin” and all Triplett and Camac harps offers the option of a state of the art “pickup” system, installed by the maker, that amplifies the natural sound of the instrument providing consistently balanced sound amplification throughout the harp.

     B.   Camac Electro-harps: these are purely electric, ultra-light weight, carbon fiber harps without soundboard/body. Perfect for stage work when wearing the halter, a performer can movefreely on the stage.  ideal for Jazz, Pop, Spiritual, New Age, even in a dorm, the amp can be used with headphones, enabling the player to play being heard in the head phones only. 


"Camac's new DHC Blue Light Body harp is the ultimate cross-over instrument for everything from Celtic to Rock!"

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