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New Harps

Harps International is a representative for and can provide you with a brand new, harp with a full factory warranty, either as a special order direct from the factory to you or you may prefer to pick out the harp of your choice from our showrooms. We are representatives for Camac and Venus pedal harps, made in France and Chicago, respectively. And, we are representatives for Camac, John Pratt, Rubarth R harps, and Triplett harps from France, Utah, Colorado, and California, respectively. Again, we can provide you with special orders direct from the factory to you, or you may prefer to choose a harp in our showrooms. 

Click on any of the following links to explore our large range of new harps for sale.

  • Pedal Harps  - Large harps with 7 foot pedals and between 44 to 47 strings
  • Lever Harps  - Smaller harps with hand operated levers and between 22 to 40 strings
  • Electric Harps  - Both pedal and lever 

Eco-friendly harps

Tree harp!

Kids on Harp

Little girl playing harp

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