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New Lever Harps

We are distributors of new lever (also termed non-pedal, Celtic and folk) harps manufactured by Camac, John Pratt, Rubarth “R” harps, and Triplett. Pratt harps are concert tension harps, while Camac makes both folk and Celtic tension as well as concert tension harps. R harp and Triplett harps are folk or Celtic tension. We carry lever harps that are well engineered, have warranties and are reliable. Our harps must meet strict sound and reliable quality standards. 

Camac Lever Harps

Camac made lever harps reflect the same excellent care and innovation that their wonderful pedal harps demonstrate. Camac makes a great variety of lever harps from the small 22 string Bardic, through the 40 string Mademoiselle, and includes models strung in fluoro carbon , gut, and nylon depending on the model. Camac levers have been acknowledged as the best available anywhere today. Camac Harps are made exclusively and entirely in France. Camac performs all its wood and metal manufacture in a meticulous and environmentally sensitive manner with excellence. 

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Electric Lever Harps

We carry two different types of lever harps:

      A.   Electro-acoustic lever harps: The R Harp “Merlin” and all Triplett and Camac harps offers the option of a state of the art “pickup” system, installed by the maker, that amplifies the natural sound of the instrument providing consistently balanced sound amplification throughout the harp.

     B.   Camac Electro-harps: these are purely electric, ultra-light weight, carbon fiber harps without soundboard/body. Perfect for stage work when wearing the halter, a performer can movefreely on the stage.  ideal for Jazz, Pop, Spiritual, New Age, even in a dorm, the amp can be used with headphones, enabling the player to play being heard in the head phones only. 


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We are exceptionally proud to represent and distribute all five

models of John Pratt’s wonderful hand-crafted harps throughout

the US as well as internationally. The initial model, which he produced, the “Chamber Harp”, is based on Sam Pratt’s (“Affairs of the Harp”) original “Dauphine”. Available in a choice of woods with many extra

options, we take nearly 100% of John’s production. His harps use

concert strings at concert tension, and have a rich quality sound

and excellent reliability.  All models come with a 5-year warrantee.

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The design excellence, sound quality, and light weight of the

“Merlin” were brought to our attention by a master harp

builder and restoration expert. After speaking with several

harpists who had bought this harp, we decided to represent

this fine harp in a number of domestic US markets and we

export them to Holland. With 35 strings of nylon, fluoro carbon and wire, fully levered and with a state-of-the-art pickup system installed, this

harp is a winner.  It comes with a 5-year warrantee.

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Harps International has represented Triplett Harps across the US and Canada for the past 13 years and we are proud of our being privileged to do so. We also have the exclusive distribution rights in Japan and have had great success in making people aware of these excellent harps that range in size from the 22 String Zephyr to the 38 string Eclipse. Triplett makes available a large selection of models and sizes as well as enhancements such as laser engraving, inlay, marquetry and abalone shell inlay all available in many designs from celtic to religious. The sound quality of the Triplett harps is legendary. 

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Eco-friendly Harps

Tree harp!Brand new environmentally sustainable harps.
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Kids on Harp

Little girl playing harpMost children start out on lever harps. We recommend Bardic,  Sierra 30 and Hermine.

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