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The Mademoiselle has the same playing characteristics, the same string lengths, spacing, tension, touch and playing position as a pedal harp.  The only difference is that it has 40 strings and of course, it has a superb lever mechanism that benefits from the Camac Harps workshops' very latest innovations.  A large non-pedal harp, it remains highly affordable for its size: the ideal instrument for younger players, ensuring a natural transition towards the concert harp.  The addition of a crown on top of the column (optional) gives it a noble air.

Height:       62.5 inches

Weight:       48.5 pounds

Range:       40 strings from E00 down to A36; Nylon from top E00 down to F3; concert gut from E4 down to D26; Lever harp wires from C27 down to A36.

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Little girl playing harpMost children start out on lever harps. We recommend Bardic,  Sierra 30 and Hermine.

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