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Electric Lever Harps

We carry two different types of lever harps:

      A.   Electro-acoustic lever harps: The R Harp “Merlin” and all Triplett and Camac harps offers the option of a state of the art “pickup” system, installed by the maker, that amplifies the natural sound of the instrument providing consistently balanced sound amplification throughout the harp.

     B.   Camac Electro-harps: these are purely electric, ultra-light weight, carbon fiber harps without soundboard/body. Perfect for stage work when wearing the halter, a performer can movefreely on the stage.  ideal for Jazz, Pop, Spiritual, New Age, even in a dorm, the amp can be used with headphones, enabling the player to play being heard in the head phones only. 


"Camac's new DHC Blue Light Body harp is the ultimate cross-over instrument for everything from Celtic to Rock!"

Eco-friendly Harps

Tree harp!Brand new environmentally sustainable harps.
Click here to browse through our collection of these beautiful harps.

Kids on Harp

Little girl playing harpMost children start out on lever harps. We recommend Bardic,  Sierra 30 and Hermine.

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