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The Athena lends its voice to students and young professionals in quest of perfection. Its full size and weight, yet great ease in playing, make it the ideal instrument to reach all the treasures of the harp repertoire, free all expression in playing, and realize a passion for the harp for everyone.  Bestseller in the Camac pedal harp models, this wonderful harp offers both exceptional quality and value.  This version with an extended soundboard is partucularly sought after, for the depth and carrying power of its sound.  It is also available in a straight sound board model.

Height:       72.5 inches

Weight:       79 pounds

Range:        47 strings from G00 (above 1st octave) down to C45 (7th octave)  

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Camac at Carnegie HallA delighted customer, Grace Cloutier, with her Camac harp at Carnegie Hall.
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