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Camac Harps

Truly innovative, but within the criteria of no compromise on sound quality and aesthetic excellence, Jakez François, a Jazz harpist of note, has carried on the tradition of "making things easier and better for the harpist" begun by Joel Garnier, 40 years ago. We are proud to represent Camac Harps because of the consistency in excellence of sound, quality materials and technical reliability of their harps. We are impressed with how sincerely Camac listens to harpists to improve their harps, and how extensively they test their harps before presenting them to the world's harpists. The terms 'Quality' and 'Excellence' reflect this environmentally sensitive company's procedures in doing all aspects of its manufacture in France, in the Celtic region of Brittany. 


One can only be positively impressed by the genuine concern about our environment expressed and followed rigorously by the Camac Company.

Camac has reduced the amount of solvents in its varnish process by using polyurethane and cellulosic varnishes instead of polyester. While Camac has always done this, it is even more important now that the world is becoming increasingly aware of the role that our man-made emissions are playing. Camac has also completely renewed its varnish process in order to adapt to new requested standards of the French government and to the environmental efforts of those who wish to protect our world.


Additionally, all of the woods Camac uses come from certified sustainable forests. Camac requires and holds the certifications  "PEFC" (Pan European Forest Certification) and "FSC" (Forest Stewardship Council) from all its suppliers.


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